Hello! I'm Emily just in case you didn't get the memo with my name plastered all over this website (insert me laughing at my own joke here). I am a Fargo local who specializes in photographing unique and adventurous Weddings and Seniors. 

Wedding and portrait photographer

About Emily

About YOU

No, I'm not talking about the Netflix series(although if you binged it like I did in one weekend then we are probably a good match) I am talking about YOU or yous if you're here for wedding business.  I probably don't know anything about you but I know you didn't come here to read my life story (unless you did then you probably belong in the series "you" in which case please leave my website Joe) Which is why I'm going to tell you why you are here. 

You want to be wowed by your photographs you want them to tell a story about this amazing time in your life.

You want to see real emotion in your photographs the laugh so hard you cry and the this is the happiest day of my life cry. You want the intimate moments, the fun moments, and the moments that go unnoticed

You want your wedding to be unique and you want that uniquness documented. You are currently an avid pinterester and your top most "recent searches" include: "unique wedding ideas" "fun wedding ideas" "creative wedding"

You want a photographer that will make you comfortable infront of a camera(including the groom) and make the whole experience FUN 

If any of the above sounds like you scroll down and lets chat. I would love to meet up for coffee, beer, ice cream or whatever you like best my treat!